Original Research

Arthur Leal, Joy N Rumble, Alexa J Lamm, Keegan D Gay
Discussing Extension Agents’ Role in Moderating Contentious Issue Conversations
Kathleen D Kelsey, Nicholas E Fuhrman
Leadership and Life Skills Development among 4-H State-Level Youth Leaders
Kimberly J McCarthy, Daniel F Perkins, Matthew Roberts, Shane Potter, Autumn H Guin, Jan B Carroll, Nancy C Deringer, Jaime E Ballard, Lynne M Borden
Evaluation of Coach-Based Technical Assistance: An Evolving Focus on Coachability and Goal Setting
Rahel Mathews, Laura H Downey, Patrick Gerard
Formative Research to Inform the Development of a Healthy Eating Social Marketing Campaign in Mississippi
Jeremy Elliott-Engel, Donna M Westfall-Rudd, Megan Seibel, Eric Kaufman
Extension’s Response to the Change in Public Value: Considerations for Ensuring Financial Security for the Cooperative Extension System
Sarah M Chilenski, Jonathan R Olson, Jill A Schulte, Daniel F Perkins, Mark T Greenberg, Richard Spoth
Communication is Key: State-level Organizational Correlates of Readiness for Evidence-based Programming within the Cooperative Extension System
Christopher M Estepp, Christopher T Stripling
Exploring Undergraduate Absenteeism at a Small, Regional, Minority-Serving Institution
Richard R Plate, Martha C Monroe, Claire Friedrichsen, Alison W Bowers, Willandia A Chaves
Recommendations for Early Phases of Engaging Communities in Climate Change Adaptation
Glenn D Israel, Halil I Sari, Nicole Owens Duffy, Sebastian Galindo-Gonzalez, David C Diehl, Saul J Abarca Orozco, Elder Garcia Varela, Lauren Sweeney
Procedures for Improving Self-report Measurements to Capture Behavior Change: An Illustration

To the Point

James S Bates, Erin L Yelland, Jacquelyn J Benson
Creating a Place for Aging in the Cooperative Extension Service

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Submissions update

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