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Aims and Scope

The Journal of Human Sciences and Extension is a peer-reviewed, open-access, online journal focused on disseminating knowledge and information to academicians, educators, and practitioners. Topics addressed include human development (e.g., early care and education, youth development); family studies; agricultural education; leadership development; extension; health and wellness; apparel, textiles, and merchandising; nutrition and dietetics; family resource management; and program and staff development, planning, and evaluation. The journal seeks to bridge research and practice, thus all manuscripts must give attention to practical implications of the work. The journal is sponsored by the School of Human Sciences at Mississippi State University.

Types of Articles Published

Several types of articles in the content areas listed above will be considered appropriate for the journal (see Submissions page for more details). Additionally, from time to time, the journal may publishe a special issue on a specific topic. The Editorial Board may also directly invite individuals to submit a manuscript. 

  • Original Research

    Traditional-style manuscripts that include a discussion of research literature, methods, and results of quantitative and/or qualitative empirical research studies or program/policy evaluations.

  • Brief Reports

    Results of research or evaluation studies, programs, or pedagogy.

  • Practice and Pedagogy

    Processes and outcomes of formal and informal teaching and learning in classrooms, organizations, and non-traditional settings.

  • Theory

    Strong, creative, and cutting-edge manuscripts describing emerging theory and including an application component.

  • Emerging Scholarship

    Manuscripts from graduate students and individuals who have earned their terminal degrees within the past year.

  • To the Point

    Snapshots of research, practice, programs, or pedagogy.

  • Book and Media Reviews

    Critical analyses of books, audiovisual materials, curricula, software and websites.

Frequency of Publication

The Journal of Human Sciences and Extension is published online 3 times a year in October, February, and June. Use the "Register" link to subscribe to notifications for when a new issue is published.

Open Access Policy and Creative Commons License

The Journal of Human Sciences and Extension is a fully open-access journal, meaning that all works published in the journal are freely available to read, download, copy, print, and share/transmit. Please note that, while the Journal of Human Sciences and Extension is an open access publication, the journal is published under a Creative Commons license that stipulates the following:


You must give proper credit (attribution) when using, sharing, or reporting information, ideas, or results published in the journal.

Non-Commercial Use

You may not use the journal or any work published in the journal for commercial purposes.

No Derivative Works

You may not alter, transform, or build upon any work published in the journal.

To see the terms of our Creative Commons license, visit

All articles are published online in pdf format.


ISSN 2325-5226

Publication Agreement

JHSE requires all authors to sign a publication agreement prior to online publication of an accepted manuscript. Only original signatures are accepted (no digital signatures allowed). The agreement provides information related to license, copyright, attribution, publication, and representations and warranties as described below.

  1. License:
    1. The Author hereby grants to JHSE a royalty-free, transferable, worldwide license to
      1. Publish, copy, reproduce, display, distribute, and use the Article in any manner or form (electronic, print or otherwise), either separately or as part of a collective work, including but not limited to a license to publish the Article as a part of the JHSE online journal and in any other format electronic, print or otherwise; and
      2. Copy and distribute individual reprints of the Article, authorize reproduction of the entire Article in another publication (electronic, print, or otherwise).
    2. It is expressly understood and agreed that JHSE shall have the right, without limiting the other rights granted herein, to authorize other parties to publish, reproduce, display, distribute or use of the Article or an abstract thereof in electronic media and by means of computerized retrieval systems (such as Westlaw and Lexis) and similar forms.
    3. In order to grant to JHSE the right of first publication, this license shall be exclusive for a period of one (1) year commencing on the signing of this agreement by JHSE after which time it will become non-exclusive.
    4. This license and any rights granted herein to JHSE may be assigned, transferred or sublicensed by JHSE.
  2. Copyright: The Author shall retain copyright to the Article.
  3. Attribution: The Author agrees to attribute the Journal of Human Sciences and Extension as the journal of first publication in any future uses of the Article.
  4. The Author agrees and acknowledges that Author will receive no royalties or other payments from the Journal or any assignees or sublicenses of JHSE for the use of the Article or the exercise of any of the rights granted herein.
  5. Publication: The decision whether to publish the Article is solely at the discretion of the JHSE. JHSE can at its sole discretion decide not to publish the article at any time.
  6. Representations and Warranties: The Author represents and warrants to the JHSE that
    • the Article is original;
    • Author has full power to make this Agreement;
    • Author is the sole author;
    • Author has not previously published, or agreed to publish, the Article in whole or in part elsewhere, except as Author has informed the JHSE in writing;
    • Author has used all reasonable care to ensure that all facts and statements in the Article are true; and
    • the Article is not defamatory nor does it (nor will JHSE’s publishing of it) violate any rights of privacy, common law or statutory copyrights, or other personal property rights. Should the Article contain material that requires written permission, such permission shall be obtained by the Author at Author’s own expense from the copyright owner and sent to the executive editor of the JHSE. Click here to review publication agreement.