JHSE Volume 4, Number 3 Cover
Benjamin Silliman
North Carolina State University
Pennie Crinion
University of Illinois
Thomas Archibald
Virginia Tech


program evaluation, evaluation capacity, evaluation capacity building, organizational learning, evaluation champions

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Silliman, B., Crinion, P., & Archibald, T. (2016). Evaluation Champions: What They Need and Where They Fit in Organizational Learning. Journal of Human Sciences and Extension, 4(3). Retrieved from https://www.jhseonline.com/article/view/756


Evaluation champions in four state Extension systems described needs for training and support and perspectives on building evaluation capacity in their organization as part of a larger interview study exploring their roles, growth, and motivations. These 40 evaluation leaders identified needs for basic and advanced evaluation skills training, technical assistance, and practical learning via mentoring and project teams. Recommendations for organizational change in evaluation capacity included “top-down” investments in communication, training, and practical support, as well as increased “bottom-up” efforts by champions like themselves to advocate, model best practice, and contribute to training and mentoring peers. Implications for professional development and evaluation capacity building in Extension and other community-based organizations are discussed.

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