JHSE Volume 6, Number 3 Cover
Allison Nichols
Jane Riffe
Cheryl Kaczor
Ami Cook
Gwen Crum
Andrea Hoover
Terrill Peck
Rebecca Smith


relationship and marriage education, RME, couples and relationship education, CRE, partner empathy, perspective-taking, relational maintenance, love languages, Five Love Languages, 5 LLs, family life education

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Nichols, A., Riffe, J., Kaczor, C., Cook, A., Crum, G., Hoover, A., Peck, T., & Smith, R. (2018). The Five Love Languages Program: An Exploratory Investigation Points to Improvements in Relationship Functioning. Journal of Human Sciences and Extension, 6(3). Retrieved from https://www.jhseonline.com/article/view/788


The authors describe an exploratory investigation of a relationship education program based on the Five Love Languages (5 LL) (Chapman, 2007), implemented by Extension educators in seven rural counties. Relationship assessments measured participant changes related to the quality of the primary relationship, belief in the future of the relationship, and partner empathy. Confidence in using the 5 LLs was also assessed. Two groups were compared, a “no booster” group that participated in didactic and final sessions and a “booster” group that received a book, tips, and reminders to practice the 5 LLs. Focus groups revealed how participants benefited. The results showed significant gains in knowledge of and confidence in using the 5 LLs. All participants significantly improved on partner empathy and the “booster” group showed significantly more improvement than the “no booster” group. The value to the family life education mission of Cooperative Extension is discussed, and recommendations for future research are given.

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